Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finished painting Tactical squad #1

I think this is the first fully painted squad I have ever completed... Although I don't think I like the solid black bases... I might go back over them with an dark, earthy color.


  1. I love the main colour scheme. I would consider washing and brightening up the arm pads though...


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  2. keep the bases black IMO
    gives the models a very clean look, and means they can fit into any table
    colour scheme is also great, well done :)

  3. are these the guys you want my bloodthirster to rip through!

  4. I like how you have a mix of static plastics and dynamic metal models in the unit. It gives it a varied look that is pleasing to the eye. I love that deep red on the sergeant's demi-toga. The red and black are strong accents for your main color. (what color is that anyway?) Keep it up!

  5. For the color I started out with a base of graveyard earth, then progressively added bleached bone to each successive drybrush layer. The last drybrush was just bleached bone.

    I love how it looks, but I'm wishing I had chosen a less time consuming method of painting my grunts lol...

  6. I know what you mean. It's funny how there's this negotiation between a model looking good and taking too long to paint.

    It seems like there's a hint of green in the graveyard earth. I may have to pick up that color, I'm a fan of low chroma colors like vallejo's grey-green and light green-blue.